Human Resource Management Software

Human Resource Management (HRM) views people of an organization as assets and internal customers and tries to provide job satisfaction to the employees and achieves employee efficiency and effectiveness. Yiron’s HRMS (Human Resources Management System), is an HR software that combines Human Resource Management and Information Technology which utilizes your company’s agenda to discover, hire and engage the top talent while providing 360-degree HR solutions. HRMS covers all your HR needs in one place. It not only helps you manage your employees but also increase their satisfaction level and make them more efficient in their day to day work.

HRMS – Intelligent HR Solution That Empowers Your Team

Used by 2000+ Users today across multiple installations.



  • Live punching
  • Integration with biometrics
  • Self-service portal
  • Hierarchical data view
  • Auto-calculation of leave
  • Robust reporting
  • Automated email alerts in case of any discrepancy
  • Viewing each drill down of all punch data
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Employee Details

  • User roles can be defined: Admin, HR and employee
  • Different views for each user role
  • Employee Self-registration and HR approval
  • Employee self-service portal for editing the required information
  • Temporary activation/Deactivation of employee
  • Permanent deactivation of the employee
  • Apply for resignation
  • Linkage with biometric devices for activation and deactivation of biometrics according the activation/deactivation of the employee account
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Leave Management System

  • Apply for various types of leave
  • Auto-generated mails would be sent to the approvers with all the details and a link with which approver can land on the required page, saving time
  • View leave balance
  • Track status for applied leave
  • Additional types of leave can be added as per the customer’s policy in the Leave Type Master
  • The HR team can configure the various types of leave along with rules related to credit frequency, no. of days available, cashable/non-cashable, etc.
  • HR can overwrite the no. of leaves as and when needed
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Performance Management System

  • Employee can rate themselves as well as other colleagues
  • Approver and supervisor will provide their rating and overall rating would be calculated
  • Different KPI’s would be mapped with different KRA’s
  • Different KPI’s would be defined based on employee role/designation
  • It streamlines the appraisal cycle with details available in one place
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Recruitment Tracking System

  • Applicant tracking
  • Tracks the best fitting talent, resumes and schedules interviews effectively


  • Payment hikes, increments, appraisals,
  • Attendance linked with payroll
  • Salary breakup, compliances like PF, ESI, PT

Pricing Model

There are three types of pricing options:

Pay Per Use Model

  • Cloud based model based on employee count, payable monthly, quarterly or annually
  • Product will be hosted and made available by Yiron, no need for own servers
  • Customers will get the latest code, releases & updates at no extra cost
  • Entire maintenance by Yiron, no additional AMC cost

Perpetual Model

  • Initial lump-sum license fee based on number of employees
  • Own server deployment
  • Maintenance as per the AMC Contract
  • Additional Cost for Upgrades