Proper planning and execution are key to a smooth transition. At Yiron Technologies, we closely believe this and enable you to moving website to new host without witnessing any runtime issues with your online business.


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For businesses seeking better uptime, faster load times, more storage space, improved security, better customer support, or more scalable resources to handle traffic spikes look no further than Yiron Technologies for seamless transfer hosting services for websites. We offer free website migration which may include UX, URL, structure, content, or even platform changes. The list doesn’t end here; nonetheless, moving a website from one web hosting provider to another requires businesses to carefully evaluate their needs and the capabilities of potential new hosts.

For a more customized migration experience, we offer different types of migration services like moving website to new host, migrating from WordPress to Joomla, transferring a WordPress site to new host, kinsta migration, cpanel email migration, and much more.

We have a Refined Process for Fast and Seamless Website Hosting and Migration

From backup to troubleshooting our tech experts help you navigate the key phases of hosting migration, offering a smooth website hosting for full functionality and compatibility.


Planning and Analysis

Assess the requirements and compatibility of the new hosting environment. This step involves understanding the technical needs, and potential challenges, and setting a timeline for the migration.


Backup of Current Site

Create a complete backup of the existing website, including files, databases, and configurations. This is crucial for data security and to ensure a fallback option in case of any issues during migration.


Transfer Files and Database

Move all website files, scripts, and databases to the new hosting provider. This is usually done using FTP for files and phpMyAdmin or similar tools for databases.


Configuration and Testing

Configure the website on the new host, which may involve adjusting settings, installing necessary software, and ensuring compatibility. After configuration, thorough testing is performed to ensure everything functions correctly.


DNS Update and Propagation

Update the DNS records to point to the new host’s server. This change can take some time to propagate across the internet, during which both old and new servers might need to be operational.


Monitoring and Troubleshooting

After migration, continuously monitor the website for any issues and be ready to troubleshoot. This includes checking for broken links, and performance issues, and ensuring that all functionalities are working as intended.

Website Hosting Solutions with a wide range of Secure and Scalable Options

Yiron Technologies helps you simplify the process of website migration in a speedy and secure way. Explore our array of hosting migration services that can be custom-tailored as per different business needs.

Full-service Migration

Experts at Yiron Technologies manage every aspect of the migration process: from planning and executing the transfer of files and databases to configuring the new hosting environment and ensuring that everything works seamlessly. This includes handling complex tasks like DNS changes, email server migration, cpanel email migration, and troubleshooting any issues that arise. The service is particularly beneficial for large businesses or e-commerce sites that cannot afford downtime or data loss. It offers peace of mind, as clients can rely on your expertise to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption.

Domain Name Migration

Transferring a domain name from one registrar to another is made much smoother and easier when opting from Yiron. The migration process typically includes several key steps: unlocking the domain name at the current registrar, obtaining an authorization code (also known as an EPP code or transfer key), and then initiating the transfer request at the new registrar with this code. Our tech gurus closely understand the importance of transfer hosting and offer domain name migration services that ensure a smooth transition to avoid any downtime or loss of services associated with the domain.

SEO Migration

SEO migration service is a specialized aspect of website migration focused on preserving and enhancing a website's search engine rankings during and after the transition to a new hosting environment or domain. Our tech experts run a series of strategic steps: conducting a thorough SEO audit of the existing site, mapping old URLs to new ones to ensure proper redirects, maintaining URL structures, updating internal links, and a lot more, ensuring that all meta-data (like titles and descriptions) are transferred correctly.

Web Hosting Migration

Web hosting migration refers to the process of moving a website from one hosting server to another. Whether you want to move WordPress site to new host or are willing to transfer website to GoDaddy, we help you transfer all integral parts of your website (including its files, databases, scripts, and sometimes domain registration, etc.) with no errors or runtime issues. The process of web hosting is crucial and needs to be meticulously planned to ensure that the website remains functional and accessible with minimal downtime. Opting for these services from Yiron guarantees the same.

Self-service Migration

This service is designed for technically adept clients who prefer a do-it-yourself approach. We possess sophisticated tools and with the help of these automated tools or plugins that facilitate the migration process, we enable our clients to transfer their website to a hosting environment independently. This option is cost-effective and gives clients full control over the migration timeline and process. It's well-suited for smaller websites or clients with budget constraints who still want the benefits of migrating to a better hosting environment.

Custom Migration

Custom Migration services are tailored for complex, large-scale, or unique websites and applications. Our hosting migration tech experts create a bespoke migration plan to address specific challenges and requirements. They work closely with the client to understand their specific requirements and design a migration strategy that minimizes downtime and data loss while ensuring all functionalities are preserved. It's ideal for websites with large databases, high traffic, custom-coded functionalities, or specific compliance needs.

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Improved Performance

Transfer WordPress site to new host with the least effort. Get enhanced loading speeds and better server response times, especially if moving to a more capable hosting environment.

Improved SEO

Faster load times and better uptime can positively impact search engine rankings. Transfer hosting to GoDaddy or any other host with leveraged SEO performance and no runtime errors.

Enhanced Security

3 Enhanced Security With our hosting migration services, access to better security features and protocols, which can protect your website from cyber threats. Our tech experts ensure that your website transfer occurs with zero chances of vulnerabilities and web dangers.


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