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Amidst the dynamic challenges of manually conducting interviews at specific locations, yironRecruit presents talent acquisition software to effortlessly streamline your processes. Optimize your recruitment procedures with yironRecruit, an advanced management and applicant tracking system designed to simplify the hiring process.

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    About yironRecruit

    Experience enhanced efficiency with yironRecruit, your comprehensive recruitment partner that manages all aspects of recruitment from resume shortlisting to performance ranking of interviewees, without requiring human intervention. Its applicant tracking system for small businesses eliminates the need for HR personnel and significantly reduces both time and cost. The candidate tracking system streamlines operations regardless of the recruitment volume, ultimately minimizing time and effort invested in the process. Our specialized HR recruitment software offers all means and methods to address your hiring needs thereby making the process more organized and transparent.


    Features List

    Manages Job Requirement Effectively

    Our software helps manage your job requirement and increases your reach to potential candidates. It amplifies your hiring needs across multiple channels by pulling the applicant data effectively from different sources and increases the chances of getting the right candidate.

    Applicant Tracking System

    With HR recruitment software, candidates can be tracked easily at every stage of the recruitment cycle, from being longlisted to getting hired. It also helps match the candidates from the internal database immediately after any job requirement is created.


    HR Recruitment software allows specific monotonous tasks to be automated while hiring for a specific job requirement. It combines multiple functions or tasks with a single click. You can easily schedule the interviews, assign tasks to candidates based on specific criteria. What’s more? Candidates screening and shortlisting can be done within a few seconds. You can add custom workflows and create alerts that automatically send a notification when triggered as well as send an offer to the selected candidate.

    Right Metrics

    With recruitment software, you can make the most informed decisions at the right time. This is because you are able to track the key performance indicators by analyzing the time to hire, time to fill the job requirement, offer acceptance, and more.

    yironRecruit Management
    • Ease of Use
    • Transparency
    • Improved ROI
    • Structured Hiring
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      Price protection

      Get the best deal

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      Business Analytics

      Robust MIS Reporting

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      integrations GDS

      Third party systems.

    Why Choose yironRecruit?

    • Ease of Use.
    • Structured Hiring.
    • Effective Com.
    • Transparency.
    • Improved ROI.
    • Extensible contracts with no lock-in periods.
    • Price protection–get the best deal, always.
    • Robust MIS Reporting and Business Analytics engine.
    • Stable product tested for huge number of clients globally.
    • Ready to use integrations with GDS, LCCs, Consolidators and other third party systems.

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    It has been a pleasure working with you all, In Africa, FACTS has been a game changer for us. I say game changer because it gives us much needed things like multi-currency, client portal, POS Integration. It is a product which is convenient to use, easy to operate and my team is confidently using it for generating Bills & Invoices

    Account Head @Hotel Whizard

    FACTS is developed and built to make the life of travel and tourism entrepreneurs easy. Backed by futuristic technology which reduces the turnaround time and boosts our business efficiency. It has been carefully designed to cater to manifold business needs. The screens are user-friendly with easy navigation. The application is segregated into modules with each module self-explaining the function of the business. Also, highly suggested for how easy it is to use and the great integration across most of the platforms.

    CEO @Travelwings

    FACTS incorporates a great interface that makes it feel terribly smooth to use and has a great set of features that you can use from the beginning for various accounting needs. It our my life so much easier by providing a full suite of accounting management. Facts is a must-have for businesses that wish to contour their accounting. Our team loved all the options and the proficient support provided by the FACTS team.

    Regional Director @Top Travel Trip