Financial Accounting and Customer Tracking System

A good Financial Accounting system is vital for Travel Agencies, to help them track their cash flow, assets and liabilities, revenue recognition and profitability. In addition, easy integration with external systems such as GDS is very important so that billing can take place quickly and accurately.The absence of a travel-specific finance system, can lead to a delayed and error-prone billing process which might lead to problems such as dissatisfied customers, loss of sales and impact on the cash flow and bottom line.

FACTS (Financial Accounting Software), built by Yiron Technologies is a unique Financial Accounting Software for Travel Agencies and OTA
  • End-to-end technologically-driven accounting solutions for Air and Non-Air, connecting flyers, travel agencies, GDS, Airlines and Suppliers with reconciliation of payments across parties.
  • Automated accounting with integration with 3rd parties such as GDS, Corporate Booking Tools, Booking and POS systems.
  • Insightful dashboards and financial reports which help in Sales and Marketing, as well as Finance
  • Built ground-up for the travel industry with best-of-breed technology and scalability, providing ease of multi-branch, multi-currency operation, suitable for large travel companies.
FACTS – Billing & Invoicing For Your Travel Business
Our Used by 200+ Agencies/Branches today with lacs of transactions per month.


Robust Financial Accounting Features for Travel Industry

  • General Ledger and Chart of Accounts
    PNR no. imported into FACTS and each booking tracked end-to-end.
  • Highly Customizable Invoicing Process, with multiple print settings.
  • Payment follow up through Communication Engine.
  • Refund generation with payment approval workflow and multi-currency operation.
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Multi-Currency Handling

  • Multi-currency enabling, prominent feature which helps present currency differences.
  • Record of notional and realized forex gains/losses transaction wise based on value dates.
  • Retrieve live data for multiple branches in different countries & do currency conversion.
  • Automated daily upload of exchange rates through integration. The rates obtained automatically can be superseded with manual rates where required.
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Strong Reporting Functionality and Analytics Engine

  • Dashboard for all key functional heads in Sales, Finance, Operations & CXO Level.
  • 75+ Sales, Marketing and Finance reports to help drive business and gain market share.
  • Agentlytics set of reports, focused on parameters for the travel agency business.
  • Reports enabling cross-selling and upselling.
  • Data can be made available to other BI tools for reporting.
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Multi – Branch Functionality

  • Suitable for travel agencies with geographically spread branches.
  • Can group multiple branches and prepare invoices.
  • Individual URL for each branch.
  • Common consolidation and reporting.
  • Inter-branch rules-based auto invoicing.
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User Management

  • Role-based access for users.
  • Single sign-on feature available.

Supplier Management

  • Can be integrated with GDS & low cost suppliers.
  • Individual & consolidated Ledger for the Suppliers.
  • Reconcile invoices coming from suppliers.
  • BSP and Non-BSP supplier Reconciliation.
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  • Real-time import of tickets from Amadeus and Galileo into FACTS, thereby enabling immediate invoicing. A manual upload option is provided for other GDS’ and non-air products, automating their invoicing process as well.
  • Custom interfaces can be designed and built.
  • Automated BSP (Billing and Settlement Plan) reconciliation with discrepancies immediately highlighted, reducing billing errors and revenue loss.
  • Interfaces with Corporate Booking Tools, Booking and Point of Sale systems.
  • Facility to integrate with Online Travel Agencies (OTA) – B2B and B2C.
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Customer Management & Client Portal

  • Customer Profile and credit days setting.
  • Individual, group and Consolidated invoices.
  • Dedicated client portal to track trips and billing.

Why Us

  • Unique product built by Yiron associates with tremendous knowledge of the travel industry.
  • Strong relationship with all significant partners in the travel industry such as GDS, Airlines, CBT, Booking and POS systems, leading to seamless integration which in turn saves your time
  • Rich reporting functionality to help drive the travel agencies’ business, which can easily be extracted and exported in user friendly format
  • New branches can be opened in a very short time, optimized for multi-branch operation.
  • Scalable technical base of Java technology, accessible anywhere on cloud and internet.
  • Nominal cost & flexible pricing models leading to higher return on investment for the customer
  • Easy to use and highly efficient workflows, helps in increasing your offline as well as online sales

Pricing Model

There are three types of pricing options:

Per Transaction Model

  • Billing will be per transaction and is proportionate to the amount of business done
  • Volume discount available as number of transactions increases
  • Customers will get the latest code, releases & updates at no extra cost
  • No in-house servers
  • Entire maintenance by Yiron, no additional AMC cost

Per User Model

  • Cloud based model based on user count
  • Customers will get the latest code, releases & updates at no extra cost
  • No in-house servers
  • They can grow as business grows
  • Entire maintenance by Yiron, no additional AMC cost

Perpetual Model

  • One-time license fee
  • Own server deployment
  • Maintenance as per the AMC Contract
  • Additional Cost for Upgrades
  • No limit on transactions and users