Access Management

Helps strengthen security and reduces risk by tightly controlling access to on-premises and cloud-based applications. We ensure the right users have access to the right resources

Robust Login Module
Enterprise Login Module with Advanced Controls
Role based Access control
Passwords & Usage policy enforcements
Multi Factor authentication And google login
Restricted access to critical reports only for Senior Management
Single Sign On (SSO) based professional login module


Provides an extra layer of security over your business’s network and limits the information users can view or change to minimize the chances of improper activity

Applying the rule of least privileges, which means offering all users the lowest level of access possible while still allowing them to perform their roles

We ensure the security and safety of your sensitive data and also protect it from any third party who can potentially view, steal, or manipulate sensitive business information


Core Financial Accounting Module

A good Financial Accounting system is vital for Travel Agencies, to help them track their cash flow, assets and liabilities, revenue recognition and profitability

All accounting reports including Dynamic P&L, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Debtors Analysis etc
Receipts, Payments, JVs, Contra, Payments, Receipts, Advances
Chart of Accounts, Invoices and Proforma Invoices
Debit & Credit Notes
Cash Book, Bank Book & Day Book
Accounting masters/ledgers control
Cost Center Accounting


Keeps a track of basic accounting functions, including the general ledger and balance sheet, as well as managing financial issues such as asset management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, etc

It provides transparency in accounting and finance management – The accounting module is integrated with different modules which ensures that there are fewer chances of error

Presenting a true and fair valuation of the business after the calculations. It also helps in attaining the correct picture depicted in the balance sheet and this is used to determine the purchase price


Multi Channel Ticket Flow

Specialized in the integration of Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and we have worked successfully on GDS systems such as Galileo, Amadeus, and Sabre

Auto tickets flow from GDS: Amadeus/Galileo/Sabre
Manual Ticket Upload & Import
Both File based and API integrations
Bulk Tickets Upload
Auto tickets flow from LCCs or any other source via API INs
Rule Engine to apply policies and logic on captured data


FACTS allows tickets to flow into the platform through various channels such as Galileo, Amadeus, and Sabre along with various other major integrations

Our experts are deeply familiar with all the details necessary to integrate both file and API based seamlessly into any portal

The LCC API service is aimed to provide a single platform for Travel Agents to extract ticket details from multiple LCC airlines and use for the purpose of Back office and accounting


Credit Management

Credit Management lets you set a limit to the amount of your sales on credit, and the period for which the credit can remain outstanding

Credit Limit Management
Receipt Payment Report
Unapplied Credit Report
Alerts & Restrictions on exceeding allocated Credit Limits
Collection Analysis


You can get real-time information about every account’s credit limit, and you can decide if you want to continue business with that customer or not

Allows you to limit the amount of your sales on credit, and the period for which the credit can remain outstanding along with managing the limit of receivable amount and outstanding period by each customer

Getting credit limit alerts will show you the exceeded amount by showing up the existing outstanding amount and the amount in the data you’re newly creating


Travel Accounting Module

The objective of the Travel Accounting Module is to ascertain the profitability and finance position of the travel agency’s operations. It is designed to record the agency’s assets, liabilities, capital, revenues/income/gains, and expenses or losses etc

Invoice Spool
Travel AP & AR Modules
Refunds Spool
Multiple Forms Of Payments
Agents and Sub Agents Accounting
Year End Function


Travel AP and AR Modules become an integrated and complementary pair. This facilitates the management in obtaining complete information, integrated and up-to-date

Multiple FOPs – Integrating these different payment methods has now become crucial for businesses operating as it increases their market share by giving consumers a choice between payment methods

Banish the risk of processing inaccurate transactions by validating and approving them before invoicing your customers


Suppliers Management

Cloud-based solutions for collaborative spending, finance, and sales management. FACTS provides effective communication channels, and task management tools, and organizes vendor/supplier payments and expenses

Supplier Ledger/Report
Refund Spool
Supplier Bulk Payment
Invoice Refund Report
BSP Reconciliation


Supplier Management helps in building and sustaining relationships with strategic suppliers. These relationships can provide an organization with a competitive privilege

Supplier Management can help to improve transparency and visibility into the supply chain and mitigate risks. This also ensures that we are deriving the maximum value from the suppliers for the relevant requirement

When you have a supplier management system in place, it will allow you to streamline critical information and data regarding the lifecycle of the suppliers


Customers Management

Customer Management is critical as maintaining customer accounts for the continuity of business is of topmost priority

Client Profiling & Document Management
Enterprise Customer Portal for direct access by Clients
Debtors Reconciliation
Global Clients Handling
Cheque Holding Report


Dispatch professional invoices – Generate refined invoices with the click of a button. From attaching your company logo to converting fonts, tailor-make invoice templates to reflect your brand

It helps you classify all your customers by defining groups and assigning every customer to a particular group which can be determined using various parameters like business model, location, and parent company

The debtor reconciliation procedure is crucial as it shows that the general ledger figure for receivables is justified. Rather than keeping records manually and adding up numbers every month- or year-end, let automated reconciliation and technology take over and do a faster, better job


Travel Billing Module

Handling for Travel Services like Flights, Hotels, Visa,Insurance, Cars, Railways etc

Handling for Travel Services like Flights, Hotels, Visa,Insurance, Cars, Railways etc
Single, Group & Proforma Invoices
Travel Industry Masters like Sectors, Airlines, Hotels, Visa etc
Single or Bulk Approvals
Job Card to support Packages
Manual & Automated Invoicing
Country & Client specific Tax Masters
Client specific Invoice Formats


Single, Group & Proforma Invoices streamline the sales process between the buyer and seller prior to confirming the purchase and creates transparency by outlining all the agreed-upon terms

FACTS has been designed to adapt to any country. The software also supports local tax codes, local date formats, local currency formats, country-specific tax reports, and more

It is the pioneering web-based accounting software for tour operators and travel agencies which provides all the functionalities that you need to manage the billing, invoicing, accounting and finance in a hassle-free manner


Automated Reconciliations

Automated reconciliation allows you to automate this process. It enables you to cut down on the time, cost, and possible errors associated with manual bank reconciliation and can help to reduce your business’s overall financial threat

BSP Reconciliation
Inter Branch Reconciliation
Non-BSP Suppliers Reconciliation
Customers Reconciliation
Bank Reconciliation


Bank reconciliation helps verify the account balances to ensure all sets of data are accurate and up-to-date. It also keep track of business expenses/income to ensure that the internal financial records match all the external statements you receive from banks or vendor

Reconciling supplier statements is a crucial control for Accounts Payable to make sure that their ledgers are correct. This property enables a much higher volume of statements to be reconciled, irregularities would be resolved proactively, and more suppliers would be paid on time

The account reconciliation process gives finance teams confidence that their information is reliable and allows for the chance to see any mistakes or discrepancies that occur


Advance Audit Features

Achieve substantial audits with the help of explanatory analytics. Stay adaptable to government regulations through dedicated editions

Temporary Audit Locks for monthly audits
Branch EOD and BOD operations
Permanent Freezes at year end
Reports for Fraud detection
Audit Logs for Transactions Tracking


State-of-the-art audit analytics competence brings greater value to external audit procedures supporting the analysis of large data sets and divulging more granular insights

Issues like workflow issue infusions, crucial accounting errors, and budget evaluations can all be answered through instinctual advanced audit reports

It positions discrete accountability of enterprises in terms of the actions of users. It prevents the initiation of false details/particulars or unapproved access to data and broadens the protection of peculiar information, intellectual property, and financial records


Professional Tech Support

Professional IT services can ensure all information is stored safely, access to sensitive data is always restricted, and the stored data is secure. A skilled IT team works to maintain reliable and flexible networks and can keep you updated with data protection laws and industry best practices

24×7 SLA driven support
Online Trainings and Onboarding
Support via multiple channels like Email, Calls, Chat, Skype, Gmeet etc
Professional Youtube training videos
Inbuilt helpdesk feature


We can work with you to find the best way to eliminate data silos and ensure all critical data is easily accessible when needed across various devices while remaining secure

FACTS uses the leading technologies and equipment to deliver world-class services. Networks and data services are continually updated at no financial cost to you. Also, with SLA (service level agreement) in place, you can rest assured of the continuity of services

With professional tech support, we make sure that your business is not vulnerable to data breaches that can cause blunders not only in profitability but also in the sphere of customer loyalty, damage to brand reputation, legal issues, and so on


Useful Utilities & Tools

The top accounting tools can take advantage of financial records data to build intelligent insights that accurately judge a company’s earnings and save a lot of time

Ticket Excel Import & GDS Tickets Import
Order Management System for Inter Branch and Third Party Purchase Orders
Universal Search
Export & Import to/from other Accounting Software
Enterprise Sales Reporting Tool
Automated TJQ Matching & Alerts
Enterprise Sales Verification Tool


FACTS gives an in-built feature to import all your business data from excel and also GDS tickets import feature is enabled to remove the manual processes that use a lot of bandwidth

FACTS lets you enter the complete transactional data directly into books for timely closings along with generating accurate and compliant Enterprise Sales Reporting Tool

FACTS allows travel agents and agencies to free-up in-house computing systems and accounting resources, saving costs, increasing efficiencies, and removing manual processes for better efficiency


Multi – Support

Centrally manage all your branches, and accounts from anywhere on any device. You also get a multi-lingual and multi-currency platform for easily automated currency conversions

Multi-Branch Support with Individual URLs and localzation across countries
Multi-Invoice Formats
Multi-Lingual Support
Multi-Currency Support along with automated curreny conversion based on country/branch/invoice level conversion ratio and XE integration


FACTS will give you a chance to look at the issues or meet the needs of all your branches and tie them all together in a standardized process in order to enhance your company’s structure and brand value

Multicurrency – One important factor that any business has to take care of while introducing global business operations is managing currencies. The currencies and their values? It will be different in different countries and it requires the support of a perfect system to manage transactions without difficulty

The main benefit of a multi-lingual platform is that you can use this in your convenient language. Our multi-lingual capability enables multi-users speaking different languages, to work on the same platform


Scalable Technology

FACTS has been designed and developed with a futuristic approach. It is able to adapt on its own and can be updated quickly

Built using Latest Highly Scalable Technology Stack
High end cloud servers
Unique Distributed Architecture
All Major GDS, CBTs, POS, B2B and B2C Integrations done
Pure Agile development with fast automated builds
Industry Standard API IN and OUT services along with documentation for fastest integration with any third party systems


FACTS is designed to be able to handle a greater user base, as well as more transactions. As we see a rising volume of financial data, the platform can be scaled to meet the requirements using specialized tools

FACTS is enabled to handle increased workloads while adding users and removing them with minimal cost impact. We support larger databases and understand not just the basics of your financials but can provide you with a customized performance dashboard that’s specific to your business

API IN and OUT services – APIs are used to connect new software to FACTS existing tech stack. This feature allows firms to automate manual, time-consuming processes, which frees up staff for higher-value work



FACTS has been designed and developed with a futuristic approach. It is able to adapt on its own and can be updated quickly

Regular Data Archival & Purge strategy
Flexible Pricing Models suitable for all type of Customers
Ad-Hoc Reports & Analytics
Robust Customization Framework
Compliant with Country/ Industry specific regulations


Flexible pricing models give you the ability to guide your customers toward making choices that fit into what their business needs at that moment

The compliance and regulations are there in place for a reason – they help protect your business, your employees, and your customers. Also, your business needs to take a comprehensive approach to following an effective regulatory compliance program

Both purging and archiving of data will help you with faster advantage processing time, reduced disk space as well as decreased backups. After removing your old data, you’ll notice that the processes run faster due to fewer records being there to be processed


Powerful Reporting Engine

Financial reports contain the most important information such as the company’s cash flow statement, income statement, balance sheet, and shareholder’s equity

Dashboard for key functional heads in Sales, Finance, Operations & CXO Level
Expense Analysis, Ageing Report, ROE Adjustment, Undercutting and 25+ Other useful reports
MIS Reports for Top Management decision making
Agentlytics set of reports, focused on parameters for the travel agency business
Service wise/Client wise/Agent wise/GDS wise Sales Reports
Reports enabling cross-selling and upselling
Ad-hoc Reports via Power BI and other Reporting engines
Flexibility to make data available to other Reporting Engines for Reporting


FACTS allows the generation of reports that show the complete financial status of the company. It provides go-through trail reports and you can send them in Excel format

Expense Analysis, Ageing Report, ROE Adjustment, Undercutting and 25+ Other useful reports that help the businesses to know how much customers owe them

It helps in managing the debt management of a firm along with real-time tracking of the accounts, which aids in liquidity management. It also helps the firm in identifying the trends of past and future