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Yiron is an ISO, CMMI and MSME certified fast growing IT company having development centers in Chandigarh and Pune in India & Sales offices in Dubai, US, UK and Africa

Started in year 2015 to provide IT services for a client in Africa, Yiron has grown by now to a 150+ People Global Technology company with 6 large sized ERP Products and End to End IT/ITES, BPO and Consulting Services for Travel, Tourism, Ecommerce & Other Industries.

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Our Products

Leading Accounting Software for Travel & Tourism industry, A robust web based solution suitable for Travel Agents, TMCs and DMCs of all sizes with unique pricing models.

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A web based Enterprise Human Resource Management Software suitable for all sizes of organizations i.e. small, medium or large.

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A Customer Relationship Management Solution.

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yTravSuite encompasses a vital set of software tools that empower travel businesses to effortlessly navigate the system. Its seamless integration ensures that all functions and features work together harmoniously.

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Recruiting software that helps organizations optimize.

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Yiron Chat aids in the management of diverse chat

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Helpdesk software for Incident Management and Support.

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Industries we serve

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Travel & Tourism

Technology is crucial to the tourism and travel industry, helping businesses with day-to-day operations while improving the customer experience. For this reason, hotels, airlines, restaurants, and other companies must keep up with the latest technology trends within the travel industry.

  • Travel Accounting ERPs & CRM
  • B2C, B2B and B2E Booking Platforms
  • Corporate Booking Platform
  • Webservices & API Integrations
  • Consolidators & Aggregators
  • Backoffice Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • E-commerce Platforms
  • LCC Integrations
  • GDS Integrations
  • Flight
  • Cruise
  • Hotel
  • Vacation
  • Visa
  • Insurance
  • Car


Many manufacturing companies find that they need specific software to help them run an aspect of business that commercial software cannot. Custom Software Development is the production and creation of user specific software for specific business needs. Having custom software developed also means increased security, by having specially written software, there is extra protection against malicious introductioners.

We can help users to focus and manage the crucial priorities of the manufacturing businesses and enable them to take effective decisions that could increase production and reduce turnaround time.

Our team of dedicated IT professionals is committed to providing you with the best solutions to create the custom software that you can count on. Developing software is a complex issue, which requires dedication, insight and technical expertise. Many competitors can offer only the last, which will be enough to create a program which may or may not run, and certainly not to your expectations or needs. With Yiron Technologies you can find all this together.


Cargo & Courier

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, technology plays a pivotal role in transforming various industries, and the cargo and courier services sector is no exception. From enhancing efficiency and visibility to improving customer experience, technology has revolutionized the way shipments are handled and delivered.

Customer expectations are increasing greatly. Both individuals and businesses expect to get goods faster, more flexibly, and – in the case of consumers – at low or no delivery cost. We at Yiron explore the significant role of technology in transforming cargo and courier services, and how it has reshaped the industry for the better. One of the key contributions of technology in cargo and courier services is automation. Automated systems and software solutions have streamlined operations, reducing manual errors and increasing efficiency.

With the help of technology, cargo and courier service providers can optimise route planning and fleet management.

  • Automation and Streamlined Operations
  • Enhanced Tracking and Visibility
  • Optimised Route Planning and Fleet Management
  • Warehouse and Inventory Management

Education & E-learning

Sustainable development includes social well-being, which depends on education. Information technology has emerged to spread shared knowledge and is a primary driving force behind education reforms. The introduction of new technology-assisted learning tools such as mobile devices, martboards, MOOCs, tablets, laptops, simulations, dynamic visualisations, and virtual laboratories have altered education in schools and institutions.

We, Yiron, help adopt The Internet of Things (IoT) which is proven to be one of the most cost-effective methods of educating young brains. It is also a robust mechanism for integrating a world-class learning experience for everybody.

Digital technology has transformed the way pupils learn in the classroom, even though the education industry has evolved. Our focus areas of Digital technologies applications in education are as follow:

  • Improve teaching productivity:
  • Develop Online libraries.
  • Promote Distance learning.
  • Facilitate Teaching of students with exceptional needs.
Real Estate

Real Estate

Although other industries have quickly embraced new technology, the real estate and construction sectors have lagged. Yet, this is shifting as a result of the widespread digital revolution now taking place in the sector. Several real estate market sectors feel the effects of the proliferation of “PropTech” companies, including Real Estate App Development and scaleups that use cutting-edge technology.

Technology usage is concentrated on two fronts: enhancing the client-tenant experience throughout the property lifecycle and gaining better insight into the property to make better investment and management choices. Main Real Estate Innovation include: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and the Internet of Things (IoT). Yet, tremendous innovation is occurring, we at Yiron help to adapt these technologies for application in the real estate industry. This points to the industry’s potential for development and the vast possibilities ahead.

Positive growth is expected to continue rapidly in the real estate industry in the coming years. Top Technology Trends Driving Real Estate Innvovation are as follow:

  • Virtual Reality.
  • The Metaverse.
  • Internet of Things (IoT).

Fintech Industries

As consumers increasingly turn to alternative, digital methods of managing their finances, tech-savvy startups and traditional financial institutions (FIs) alike are diving into the fintech industry. And investors would be wise to take note of this digital shift. In recent years, we’ve seen a ballooning of activity in fintech — an expansive term applied to technology-driven disruptions in financial services, where financial companies and startups use artificial intelligence (AI) and other tech in their day-to-day processes.

The most important element for FinTech companies to concentrate on is customers. We, Yiron, find innovative and cost effective ways to acquire and retain customer loyalty in an environment where the impediments to churn are lower. For e.g. gaining customer trust, providing a seamless experience by reducing friction in digital transactions. Within payments interoperability between players will improve customer convenience.

Technology and IT infrastructure is the foundation of FinTech. The FinTech infrastructure backbone has been strengthened tremendously with the host of options available to market participants such as BBPS, Bharat QR, India Stack, UPI. We, at Yiron, implement Big Data and analytics to offer tremendous potential to understand the needs of customer and offer personalized products & services and drive operational cost efficiencies that give rise to altered business models.



As eCommerce continues to grow and evolve, it’s important for businesses to stay on top of the latest technology trends. After all, staying ahead of the competition means taking advantage of new innovations and leveraging them to your advantage. The future of eCommerce looks bright—and businesses need to be aware of the changes that are happening in order to remain competitive.

Technologies influence all eCommerce niches: beauty, food, retail, and others. We are confident that the growth of any online retail business significantly depends on the adoption of innovation. Our team has successfully assisted many companies with this. We constantly follow eCommerce B2B trends and tech tendencies to build effective, one-of-a-kind solutions.

Our team is sure that innovation in eCommerce is a great way to reach a new audience. For example, you can expand your customer base by adding a mobile application to your online store’s website. We are ready to assist you in this regard. Speaking of mobile apps, our company has an extensive background in mobile commerce. We acknowledge that the customer experience should be as smooth as possible

Our Technologies Expertise

  • techJava
  • techPHP
  • techPython
  • techSpring Framework
  • techNode.js
  • techExpress.js
  • techStruct
  • techDjango
  • techCakePHP
  • techCodeIgniter
  • techLaravel
  • techSymphony
  • tech.NET
  • techVue
  • techAngular
  • techReact
  • techMySQL/MariaDB
  • techAmazon RDS
  • techMongo DB
  • techOracle
  • techAmazon Dyanmo DB
  • techHadoop
  • techMicrosoft SQL
  • techPostgre SQL
  • techAzure SQL Database
  • techSQLite
  • techCloud SQL
  • techKafka
  • techRedis
  • techWoocommerce
  • techMendix
  • techBubble
  • techAEM
  • techMagento
  • techDrupal
  • techKentico
  • techWordPress
  • techShopify
  • techAWS
  • techGoogle Cloud
  • techGodaddy
  • techRed Hat
  • techOpen Stack
  • techVmware
  • techHeroku
  • techE2E
  • techAzure
  • techTerraform
  • techGitHub
  • techSubversion
  • techDocker
  • techContinuous Integration
  • techContinuous Delivery
  • techAnsible
  • techKubernetes
  • techJenkins
  • techUiPath
  • techJMeter
  • techOWASP ZAP
  • techKatalon
  • techSelenium
  • techAutomation Anywhere
  • techAutomatr
  • techFlutter
  • techIOS
  • techAndroid
  • techReact Native
  • techCordova
  • techIconic
  • techKotlin
  • techYiron CRM
  • techSalesforce
  • techZOHO
  • techMicrosoft Dynamics
  • techNetsuite
  • techSugarCRM

Why Choose Us

  • Expert Consultants
  • 10k plus satisfied clientsMCs
  • 24x7 support team
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  • We Engage Differently

    At Yiron, we not only provide technical installations and support but also offers advice in line with your business objectives.

  • We Operate Differently

    Rather than accepting conventional methods of data management, we developed our expanding suite of excellence which has everything in-house: experts, know-how, processes, software, and (cloud) infrastructure.

  • We Think Differently

    We analyze the pain areas of clients and offer them tailored products and services as per their preference.

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It has been a pleasure working with you all, In Africa, FACTS has been a game changer for us. I say game changer because it gives us much needed things like multi-currency, client portal, POS Integration. It is a product which is convenient to use, easy to operate and my team is confidently using it for generating Bills & Invoices

Account Head @Hotel Whizard

FACTS is developed and built to make the life of travel and tourism entrepreneurs easy. Backed by futuristic technology which reduces the turnaround time and boosts our business efficiency. It has been carefully designed to cater to manifold business needs. The screens are user-friendly with easy navigation.

CEO @Travel Wings

FACTS incorporates a great interface that makes it feel terribly smooth to use and has a great set of features that you can use from the beginning for various accounting needs. It made our life so much easier by providing a full suite of accounting management. Facts is a must-have for businesses that wish to contour their accounting.

Regional Director @Top Travel Trip


At Yiron, we recognize that the only way to create value for our clients is by building a team of quality people and that is why we recruit exceptional people who demonstrate skill, talent and the desire to grow, both professionally and personally.

If you have high energy quotient, are passionate about your career and want to make a mark. Join our dynamic team at Yiron, to scale new heights. Please send your resume to careers@yirontechnologies.com

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