yCRM is a robust, customizable Customer Relationship Management software for the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality industry. Manage inbound inquiries, increase booking engagements, and create custom travel itineraries with unique features and modules.

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    About yCRM

    Simple screens, customizable workflows, the latest tech stack, and flexible pricing options make yCRM a preferred lead management software for B2B and B2C’s across domains and industries. The sales CRM software focuses on assisting tour operators and agents manage their business processes seamlessly and efficiently. Our cloud-based and best CRM software helps track emails, lead management, follow-ups, invoices, sales funnel, real-time customer data updates, and increased conversion. Automate several daily tasks in running the travel agency and activities planned with ease and deliver excellent solutions to the customers.


    Features List

    Data Management

    Data lifecycle management starting from Data Mining to Upload, Tracking and Control.

    Marketing & Leads Generation

    Support for Calls, Emails, SMS, WhatsApp based Marketing Campaigns & Leads generation flow.

    Leads Management & Tracking

    Extensive Leads Management system with Leads Qualification, Interactions Tracking, GPS based Sales Rep Tracking.

    Sales Pipeline Management

    Sales Funnel Tracking, Projections and forecasting at Service/Product, Division, Sales Rep & Consolidated levels.

    Accounts Management

    Customer Management module with Client Profiling, Key Contacts, Sales Opportunities, Meetings & Pending Dues Tracking.

    Customer Service & Support

    Target vs Actual tracking for Customer Meetings, Tracking of Support queries and SLA driven Support tracking.

    Extensive Benefits that yCRM Software offer to your Profession

    You can incorporate disparate client data to examine for models, drifts, and other ideas crucial to essential decisions or timely reply to market performance. Furthermore, you can change client data streams from diverse origins such as support calls, social media posts, and sales data to have a look at overall thoughts about your brand..

    With more data on control, you can pass on the new contacts quicker and concentrate on encouraging possibilities. You can also be able to check which clients are done for a cross-sell, upsell, or sort out and reactivate inoperative clients. Moreover, genuine commitment means clients are kept pleasant and satisfied with the deep run.

    Sales can encourage on-the-ground information to assist marketing profession operations and brand communications. Marketing can support trades with new contacts in bulk. Both partners can exchange insights, deals, and connections that work as add-ons for the sales cycle.

    By combining client data in a distributed database allows anyone in the network to access it with a 360-degree aspect of clients. Details such as demographics, contact details, support engagement, and transaction history can be easily accessible using filters and tags.

    With a transparent businesses pipeline, it’s simpler to comprehend what tasks and deals are proceeding in and out, what is stagnating and moving, providing you models for prophecy.

    Sales can immediately store client data on the domain using mobile access. Assistance can collect client interactions in email, phone, and chat in just some clicks. Advertising can put wings to the sorting of operations feedback. Teams do limited management and operate further on their primary operations. Collect real-time data: Your analytics and reports utilize the latest and updated data. Stay updated of client social stakes: It enables you to control all the pages on social media after sitting at your place, making it simpler to counter immediately to client praises, rants, and brand remarks.

    Your analytics and reports utilize the latest and updated data.

    It enables you to control all the pages on social media after sitting at your place, making it simpler to counter immediately to client praises, rants, and brand remarks.


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    It has been a pleasure working with you all, In Africa, FACTS has been a game changer for us. I say game changer because it gives us much needed things like multi-currency, client portal, POS Integration. It is a product which is convenient to use, easy to operate and my team is confidently using it for generating Bills & Invoices

    Account Head @Hotel Whizard

    FACTS is developed and built to make the life of travel and tourism entrepreneurs easy. Backed by futuristic technology which reduces the turnaround time and boosts our business efficiency. It has been carefully designed to cater to manifold business needs. The screens are user-friendly with easy navigation. The application is segregated into modules with each module self-explaining the function of the business. Also, highly suggested for how easy it is to use and the great integration across most of the platforms.

    CEO @Travelwings

    FACTS incorporates a great interface that makes it feel terribly smooth to use and has a great set of features that you can use from the beginning for various accounting needs. It made our life so much easier by providing a full suite of accounting management. Facts is a must-have for businesses that wish to contour their accounting. Our team loved all the options and the proficient support provided by the FACTS team.

    Regional Director @Top Travel Trip