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A YironDesk Software for SLA Driven Tickets Support to Customers for any size of business across Industries & Verticals.

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    About YironDesk

    A service YironDesk is a platform for employees to ask for assistance, report incidents or demand for new services. YironDesk is ticketing software, which contains the complete suite of YironDesk functionalities. It is through this system that technical support executives are able to solve customer queries with ease of communication and timely response to customer concerns. It helps serving customers individualized service which provides transparency and visibility while dealing with queries, to ensure that businesses take action promptly and grow rapidly. The system can help you put smiles on the faces of agents and customers and all other stakeholders by addressing all types of customer queries.


    Features List

    Provision of Multiple Channels

    Users can enter a ticket via the portal or via email or phone. The idea is for customers to be still able to relay

    SLA Tracking

    Users can log service requests for various processes assigned to them. Different SLAs can be configured

    Alert Agent & Track Progress

    Agents can track requests from the YironDesk or they can be alerted automatically when the customer responds

    Dashboard & Reporting

    The dashboard provides a visual representation of aspects like completed requests, SLA adherences, and agent

    Ticket Automation & Workflows

    YironDesk lets you structure very simple guidelines to remind an agent to follow up, or even remind a customer

    Teams and Agents

    Automatically assign tickets to teams and agents. Route your requests by skills or groups to the appropriate

    yironDesk Management
    • Integration & customization
    • One place for all IT requests
    • Efficient Monitoring
    • Ticketing System
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      Efficient Monitoring

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      Pricing levels

      Different capabilities

    Why Choose YironDesk?

    • This ticketing system offers both cloud and on-premise delivery models with different capabilities and pricing levels.
    • This solution is highly flexible which allows easy integration and customization.
    • Yiron’s ticketing system is easy to configure and customize as needed.
    • Pricing flexibility and excellent value.
    • Consistency and ease-of-use.
    • One place for all IT requests.
    • Multitask smarter, even on the go.
    • A wide range of reporting options.
    • Efficient Monitoring and Tracking.
    • Per User Model.

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    It has been a pleasure working with you all, In Africa, FACTS has been a game changer for us. I say game changer because it gives us much needed things like multi-currency, client portal, POS Integration. It is a product which is convenient to use, easy to operate and my team is confidently using it for generating Bills & Invoices

    Account Head @Hotel Whizard

    FACTS is developed and built to make the life of travel and tourism entrepreneurs easy. Backed by futuristic technology which reduces the turnaround time and boosts our business efficiency. It has been carefully designed to cater to manifold business needs. The screens are user-friendly with easy navigation. The application is segregated into modules with each module self-explaining the function of the business. Also, highly suggested for how easy it is to use and the great integration across most of the platforms.

    CEO @Travelwings

    FACTS incorporates a great interface that makes it feel terribly smooth to use and has a great set of features that you can use from the beginning for various accounting needs. It our my life so much easier by providing a full suite of accounting management. Facts is a must-have for businesses that wish to contour their accounting. Our team loved all the options and the proficient support provided by the FACTS team.

    Regional Director @Top Travel Trip