A Helpdesk Software for SLA Driven Tickets Support to Customers for any size of business across Industries & Verticals.

Multi-channel Support for tickets logging via sources like Email, Phone, Chat, Call and unique Widget based direct integration with any application or software.
Automated and Timely SLA Adherence alerts along with extensive Reports and Analytics to track User, Department, Org and Customer level SLA adherence.
Hierarchical Access Control at Org, Department, Service Manager and Functional Area level with drilldown capabilities.
Already in use for 20+ support functions at multiple large enterprises.
Multiple unique features like Automated Customer registration, Queue Management, Automated Agent Assignment, SLA Mgmt, Auto Escalations, Customer Feedback/Rating and Ticket Level billing etc in one software.
Direct Integration with Org level HRMS and other ERP systems to fetch/push relevant data.
Available both In Cloud and Perpetual On-Premise license options.

A service help desk is a platform for employees to ask for assistance, report incidents or demand for new services. YIRONDESK is ticketing software, which contains the complete suite of Helpdesk functionalities. It is through this system that technical support executives are able to solve customer queries with ease of communication and timely response to customer concerns. It helps serving customers individualized service which provides transparency and visibility while dealing with queries, to ensure that businesses take action promptly and grow rapidly. The system can help you put smiles on the faces of agents and customers and all other stakeholders by addressing all types of customer queries.

The main goal of YIRONDESK is to help provide the best service to your customers and automation to improve the productivity of your agents. The system has the following key components:

  • Multi-channel integration, including portal, email and phone
  • Easy ticket response and handling
  • Auto-assignment and SLA tracking
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Flexible and extendable to meet customer requirements


Provision of Multiple Channels

Users can enter a ticket via the portal or via email or phone. The idea is for customers to be still able to relay their concerns should one of those channels encounter glitches.

SLA Tracking

Users can log service requests for various processes assigned to them. Different SLAs can be configured for different sets of users and support channels. Users can also track the progress of their requests.

Alert Agent & Track Progress

Agents can track requests from the helpdesk or they can be alerted automatically when the customer responds. Once an agent takes over a request the progress can be monitored by all assigned stakeholders.

Dashboard & Reporting

The dashboard provides a visual representation of aspects like completed requests, SLA adherences, and agent efficiency. Agent and team performance reports are available.

Ticket Automation & Workflows

YIRONDESK lets you structure very simple guidelines to remind an agent to follow up, or even remind a customer when a ticket is pending their reply.

Or maybe you want to make sure a ticket gets routed to the right person or group. Tickets can easily be routed, escalated, closed, with completely customizable and flexible rules.
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Teams and Agents

Automatically assign tickets to teams and agents. Route your requests by skills or groups to the appropriate channels and escalate accordingly, with effective monitoring.


  • This ticketing system offers both cloud and on-premise delivery models with different capabilities and pricing levels.
  • This solution is highly flexible which allows easy integration and customization.
  • Flexibility

    Yiron’s ticketing system is easy to configure and customize as needed. It’s also modifiable as your company grows, with the ability to easily change the categories and other variables as often as is right for you.

    Pricing flexibility and excellent value

    Start small and grow at your own pace without having to initially pay for what you think you might need later.

    Consistency and ease-of-use

    Standardized user interfaces, capabilities, categorization, and procedures are applicable across the whole of the Yiron ticketing system, making it easy for IT staff to move between different capabilities and screens.

    One place for all IT requests

    YIRONDESK systems include a user portal that offers a single place for users to create tickets, view the status of open issues, and close out tickets once they’re resolved. A portal can also be used to relay important information to users (such as planned downtime), which can reduce unnecessary tickets.

    Multitask smarter, even on the go

    Our systems allow IT pros to more easily categorize and prioritize issues, allowing them to better sequence which issues to work on. For example, a tech might want to handle multiple similar issues together, making better use of their time.

    A wide range of reporting options

    Yiron’s dashboards and reporting – to allow the analysis of help desk and incident management and problem management performance – are an essential part of ensuring that operations are optimal, targets are being met, and potential improvements are identified and acted upon. Teams and agents with SLAs lagging can easily be identified and corrective measures taken.

    Efficient Monitoring and Tracking

    Efficiently monitor and track the current status of any complaint or service request raised by your customer using our advanced help desk management solution. It allows you to have an eye on the complete problem resolution cycle, starting from the time of its registration to the final resolution in a cost-effective manner.

    Per User Model

    • Cloud based model based on user count
    • Customers will get the latest code, releases & updates at no extra cost
    • No need to maintain in-house servers
    • They can grow as business grows
    • Entire maintenance by Yiron, no additional AMC cost