Tech experts at Yiron Technologies help you get rid of incompatibility and security issues concerning OS migration. We know how crucial is your data and ensure that your data dependencies are mitigated with smooth and uninterrupted migration.


OS Migration Services Company

Operating system (OS) migration services involve the process of moving from one operating system to another on a computer or server including the enterprise’s infrastructure, data, computing resources, and software. This service is essential for businesses and individuals who need to upgrade to a newer OS version or switch to a different OS platform for better performance, security, compatibility, or other reasons.

Operating system migration includes different types and involves CMS migration, Cloud migration, application migration, cluster operating system rolling upgrade, migrating databases, and media, or even moving OS to a new drive. Our technical teams use the latest software tools to handle system transitions, migrations, hosting, and other component movements while saving costs and ensuring performance boost and business growth.

We have a Refined Process for Fast and Seamless Hosting and Migration

From backup to troubleshooting our tech experts help you navigate the key phases of OS migration, offering a smooth transfer of your critical data and infrastructure for full functionality and compatibility.


Planning and Analysis

Assess the requirements and compatibility of the new environment for migration. This step involves understanding the technical needs, and potential challenges, and setting a timeline for the migration.



Create a complete backup of the existing operating system, including files, databases, and configurations. This is crucial for data security and to ensure a fallback option in case of any issues during migration.


Transfer Files, Infrastructure, and Database

Move the entire infrastructure and databases to the new hosting provider. This is usually done using sophisticated automated migration tools.


Data Synchronization

We perform a final data synchronization to capture any changes made during the testing and migration process.


Monitoring and Troubleshooting

After migration, continuously monitor the asset for any issues and be ready to troubleshoot. This includes checking for performance and runtime issues, and ensuring that all functionalities are working as intended.


Updates, Support & Training

We help you maintain the new OS with regular updates, patches, or security measures and provide the essential training and support needed to adapt to the new OS transfer.

Operating System Migration Solutions with a Wide range of Secure and Scalable Options

Yiron Technologies helps you simplify the process of operating system migration speedily and securely. Explore our array of migration services that can be custom-tailored as per different business needs.

OS Migration Consulting

Yiron Technologies offers personalized consulting for complex OS migration projects. We onboard clients who come with specific requirements, such as migrating server infrastructures or integrating unique software solutions. The service includes in-depth analysis, planning,execution, and support, ensuring the migration strategy aligns with the client's business goals and technology infrastructure.

Cloud-Based OS Migration

Our Cloud-based OS migration enables you to transfer traditional desktop environments to cloud-based operating systems. It's designed for users and businesses looking to leverage cloud computing benefits, such as remote access, scalability, and reduced hardware dependency. In this service we provide you with cloud setup, data migration, maintenance, and support, thus, ensuring seamless integration with cloud services and applications while providing a flexible and efficient operating environment.

Cross-Platform OS Migration

Designed for users wanting to switch from one operating system to another (e.g., Windows to Linux), this service offers a detailed migration plan that includes data backup, system preparation, new OS installation, and application compatibility checks. We also facilitate migrate OS from HDD to SSD, migrate OS to SSD Windows 11, migrate OS to new drive, transfer Operating System to SSD, and more, as per diverse client needs. The service focuses on minimizing downtime and ensuring that the transition does not disrupt the user's workflow, providing necessary training on the new OS.

Comprehensive OS Upgrade

This service caters to clients looking to upgrade their current operating system to the latest version. It includes a full assessment of hardware and software compatibility, backing up important data, installing the new OS, and restoring user data and settings. Our tech experts ensure a seamless transition to the latest OS, leveraging new features and improvements for enhanced performance and security. We also offer post-upgrade support to address any queries or issues.

Enterprise OS Migration

Tailored for businesses, this service facilitates the migration of multiple systems to a new OS. Whether moving operating system to new drive or you seek to migrate OS to SSD Windows 10, our experts are adept in accommodating any operating system migration that transfers your entire infrastructure without any runtime issues or security breaches. This also involves project management, bulk data backup, system upgrades, and software reconfiguration across various devices. Our service aims to enhance business operations with minimal impact on daily activities, ensuring all systems are optimized and secure post-migration.

OS Migration Training and Support

Beyond just migrating systems, our OS migration service solutions also provide comprehensive training and ongoing support for users, clients, and business IT staff. It covers the new OS's features, best practices, and troubleshooting tips, ensuring you can effectively utilize the new system. Continuous support post-migration addresses any operational issues, enhancing user confidence and productivity.

Enjoy your Business Growth with our Proven Tech Expertise and Effective Migration Solutions


Improved Performance

Transfer operating system to SSD or migrate OS to SSD Windows 11, our migration services boost system speed and efficiency, ensuring users benefit from the latest technological advancements for smoother, faster operations.


Our tech experts help you reduce maintenance costs by avoiding investing in new hardware with investing in migrating to a new operating system while making the most of your existing infrastructure. We have affordable services for moving OS to new drive or SSD or SSD Windows 11 without running you into issues.

Enhanced Security

Our service updates systems to the latest OS versions, providing robust security features and patches to protect against vulnerabilities and cyber threats. We ensure that there are no compatibility issues or possible security breach risks involved when the transition occurs or even after.


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