Being one of the pioneers in the IT industry, we allow you to enjoy hundreds of cPanel features and deliver customer experiences tailored to your business needs. At Yiron Technologies, cPanel installation and support services help you fuel your business and optimize revenue generating capabilities.


Keep your websites secure with dedicated website security scans & compliance services!

Keeping up with changes to your business’s network can often be difficult. Often there can be new vulnerabilities that can appear on a daily basis and must quickly be identified and addressed to avoid leaving critical data and assets being compromised.

As a leading cyber security company, Yiron Technologies combines the latest vulnerability scanning tools and experienced security professionals to proactively inspect your network and provide insights and guidance needed to address security weaknesses. Lets connect to understand how our experts can address the security challenges to your business.

Standard security services to reduce your organizational risk


Research & Discussion

Discussion with the client team on the requirements.



Identification of risk, opportunities, connection and interoperability requirements.



Managing the requirements.



Implementation of the security and compliance aspects across the verticals.



Post implementation review to identify any gaps.


Support and Maintenance

Consistent support & maintenance for seamless functioning

Security, Risk & Compliance Services

We protect your business from evolving threats with the right tools and skills. Our experts will help you understand and address gaps in security, risk and compliance programs across the organization and help resolve issues for continuous improvement.

Web Services Security

As a top cyber security company, our services are designed for modern web applications built on new technologies such as AJAX, JSON, JAVA, .Net, Php and more. Yiron Technologies experts help identify security issues, gaps and deal with security challenges with ease.

Intelligent Scanning

We deliver up-to-date knowledge, vulnerability checks to detect information security across web services and applications. Intelligent web services and application services are based on site structures, responses of the architecture to eliminate false negatives and host crashes.


We follow industry best practices and regulatory compliance regulations to perform web services and application vulnerability scanning and to demonstrate compliance. Our experts meet compliance reporting to help teams quickly see gaps and address security risk.

Top Cyber Security Company offering Security Support & Reduce Organizational Risk Delivering comprehensive security and risk management to help protect business assets and reduce digital risk


Simplify compliance and complexity

Stay ahead of evolving compliance tasks, reduce time, cost and complexity of the overall audit preparation with standarized processes.

Identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities

Improve vulnerability management and close IT security gaps to protect your people, processes and technologies from threats through our cybersecurity consulting services.


Scale up your security operations with managed services. Develop baseline security configuration for your on premises IT.


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