Posted On September 30, 2023

  • Reminding clients for payments
  • Analysing business finances and ensuring timely payments
  • Managing and billing for expenses
  • Provide the clients with the requisite information about their invoices
  • Automated billing and estimates for travel clients
  • Customizing the invoice template according to the business requirements


Manage your travel agency invoicing and payments easily with precise solutions from Yiron Tech. Many travel agencies recommend Yiron Tech for billing and payments

Features of Yiron Tech Travel Accounting Software

Profile storage, revival ( Corporate, Travellers, Suppliers)

Profile Auto Generation for Retail clientele and Search and pull back when repeat business

Complete Invoicing module including passive segments and LCC, Non GDS ticket and products ( Non Air)

  • Approval workflow for invoicing
  • Multi-currency enabling: one of the most prominent feature required for dealing and presentation currency difference
  • Record of Notional and Realized forex Gains/ Losses transaction wise based on value dates
  • Single/ Multi/ Group invoicing
  • 50+ invoicing formats plus flexibility to tailor further
  • Audit trail and History of changes tracking mechanism
  • Invoice status change from open to close linked to payment status
  • Interbranch rule based Auto invoicing
    • Real time invoice Process without any local server and no need of database backup restoration process.

      Facility to upload data thru importer or excel sheet.

      Provision to add PNR data for GDS, Non GDS and LCC Airlines and all Non-Air services.

      Attachment upload option on invoice screen (LPO – Email/ PDF / TR/ receipt copy for cash clients etc.)

      Print invoice along with LPO.

      Schedule invoices

      • With our Systems you can easily schedule all your invoices and send them on time
      • Timely invoices help in keeping the clients happy and receive quicker payments
      • Email Invoices & track delivery status
        • You can send your invoices via email, even in bulk. Be automatically informed of the email delivery status and watch your full email history
      • Cash Flow Management
        • You can easily monitor the payment status across your clients and have access to an overview of your receipts and payments. Get a clear picture of your cash flow operations and easily manage your finances

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