Software with new. Dimensions

A web based Enterprise Human Resource Management Software suitable for all types of
Organization across domains, industries and businesses


Suitable for small sized organizations looking for key/ basic modules

  • Employee Registration
  • Employee Management
  • Login & Access control for HR deptt
  • Time & Attendance
  • Holiday Calendar
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll
  • Essential MIS Reports
  • Relevant Masters Configuration
  • Single Branch
  • Cloud based pricing
  • One year Data Retention
  • Standard 8 hrs Tech Support via Email


Suitable for medium and large sized businesses looking for most of the core HR modules

  • Multiple User login
  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Customised Dashboards
  • Document Management
  • Digital Calender with punch in & punch out timings
  • Integration with Biometric
  • Emplyee Miss punch management
  • Multi Level Approvals
  • Employee Self Service Portal
  • Leave Tracking
  • Leave Management
  • On-Boarding Management
  • Policy Management
  • Employee Closure Management
  • Week off Management
  • Employee Profile


Suitable for medium and large sized organizations looking for end to end HR modules with advanced capabilities

  • Multiple branch / Location management
  • Email Integration
  • Asset Management
  • Birthdays & Anniversary update
  • Probation Management
  • Roster Management
  • Automated email alerts
  • Auto Employee Confirmation
  • Travel Management
  • Single login with Multiple role-based access control
  • Online resignation (E- resignation)
  • Employee Self-onboarding


Suitable for large sized Corporates looking for Enterprise level end to end HR modules with customizations

  • Work from home Management
  • KRA & KPIs
  • Employee transfer Management
  • Help desk
  • Employee Apprecitation wall
  • Project Management
  • Ad Hoc Reports